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Researching, composing, refining language… addressing people.

A passion for languages

Being a native-born American and qualified trilingual secretary,
I offer companies and individuals from various sectors my translation and editing services. As a native speaker of both English and German, I translate mainly into these two languages. I also accept orders for translations from French to English or German.

To ensure that your contents will be well-received on the international level, I work thoroughly. I research and verify terms, strive for the right choice of words, and work on style to the very last detail. Only such an approach to language guarantees high-quality translations.

I understand how important deadlines are. In my experience, narrow time frames or large-scale projects may require support. In such cases, I can rely on a stand-by team of skilled colleagues, who will share the workload and thus allow me to provide joint expertise on short notice. For certain subject areas beyond my range of specialization, I endeavor to assist my client in arranging a contact with the appropriate expert.