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Crossing boundaries with the arts.

Advocate for culture

I am committed to promoting a flourishing arts environment in which people value, support and are inspired by the arts. My activities are geared towards providing linguistic and organizational support to artists, arts and culture associations and institutions in the field of cultural education.

Offering support to the development of artistic expression is my main purpose. Projects based on the principles of collaboration and which foster cultural exchange across different countries and boundaries correspond with my working philosophy and international background.


Fostering communication and understanding

Language is an integral component of all areas of life and society and, essentially, is meant to be a vehicle for understanding. I apply my language skills to improve understanding and promote dialog – where the arts are not easily understood or a common language is lacking – between artist and audience, between the cultural and business sector, or simply among holders of diverging opinions.

My linguistic services include writing speeches for exhibition openings, acting as a moderator for cultural events and discussion forums as well as creating arts and culture-related texts in different languages and formats. Personal enthusiasm and empathy combined with specialist knowledge and conceptual precision are favored tools in all my endeavours.


Shaping and monitoring the process

Diligent project management is an essential component of successful exhibitions and cultural events. You can entrust me with project-related research and concept development. I also offer to select qualified artists, provide advice for the right choice of artworks and the arrangement of appropriate art space.

Numerous contacts to national and international artists and practitioners, and thus the possibility of pooling disciplines and competencies, allow me to provide you with in-depth advice and a rounded concept. Please find an outline of my arts management services under “Offer”.


Why arts management?

New priorities in cultural policies and the decline in state funding of culture along with an increased merging of key social systems have given rise to significant changes in the cultural sector. I completed my studies in arts and education management with the aim of actively participating in and shaping this process.

The main objective is to support artists and cultural practitioners in their special requirements and interests. The arts manager can act as an intermediary between the social systems of culture, economy, politics and the public.

Although the importance of the cultural sector is widely recognized, the impacts, values and benefits of the arts still call for emphasis.
My activities are geared towards widening the scope for development of the arts and fostering cultural diversity and vitality.